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190.00 AUD$

Enforcer3 Breathalysers For Sale Australia, AlcoDrugLimit® marketing online eStockSupply.com

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PERSONAL/PROFESSIONAL USE - AS3547 Approved. 12 months Warranty.

Available through our Online Store
At https://estocksupply.myshopify.com

Includes breathalyser, 5 mouthpieces and instructions.

Price includes Free Postage within Australia.

 Designed for use as a workplace breath alcohol tester, it is also popular for general public use due to the affordable price. Certified accuracy, stylish and easy to use!

- 3 decimal place accuracy
- Range of 0.000-0.100%BAC
- Large digital display
- Simple and easy to use
- Fast mode for rapid workplace testing
- Australian Standards AS3547 approved
- Self replaceable sensor module.


The Enforcer 3 Breathalyser is an ideal breath alcohol screening device for use in the workplace by WH&S staff or by health professionals. 
Designed for workplaces where a zero tolerance applies. It can detect the smallest amounts of alcohol up to 0.001%BAC.

The Enforcer 3 breathalyser is perfect for workplaces where irregular or occasional testing takes place and a low volume of testing is performed annually.  ie. <500 tests per year.

The most affordable 3 decimal place Australian Standards approved breathalyser on the market today!

The Enforcer 3 Breathalyser is a dual-mode device:

Fast mode is used for rapid testing of a large volume of people indicating a "0", "Lo"  or "Hi" readings with results in only 3 seconds!

Normal mode is used for a specific digital readout eg. 0.050%BAC.
This is the default mode when the unit is turned on.

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